Bluetooth headset is unavailable for listening to music

1. Check Bluetooth settings and switch voice paths to hands-free devices
2. It is possible that the Bluetooth version of the mobile phone is relatively low and does not support Bluetooth transmission and audio. Basically, the mobile phones that came out in 2005 did not use Bluetooth to listen to songs.
3. Some home-made mobile phones and Shanzhai mobile phones need to enter the player settings in two places. In the player, turn on the Bluetooth function and select the newly connected Bluetooth device in the following headset icon to click on the confirmation.
4. It may also be that some mobile phones can listen to music with mono or binaural stereo Bluetooth headphones, but hear mono music. These mobile phones can achieve stereo function by installing Bluetooth player.
5. At present, many new mobile phones can only support stereo Bluetooth headphones, but they have built-in A2DP function. If you still use single ear headphones, you will not be able to listen to the songs on the phone.


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