Charging treasure shows that there is electricity, but it can't charge the equipment.

1. Is the charging switch on? Charging treasure will generally install output switch, if not turned on, it is not usable. In addition, some Charge Po output switches are soft switches. Judging from the output current, if the current is lower than a certain number for a long time, the output will stop. If you use Charge Po to power some devices, such as LED night lights, it may be cut off later, because its working current is too small.
2. Judging the interface problem. In order to adapt to various applications of mobile phones, mobile power supplies are equipped with common mobile phone interfaces. If your mobile phone is more exotic, and the interface and charging treasure interface are not universal, take your phone's special charging line to try. If the interface is identical or not charged, it is necessary to check whether there is bad contact between the two ends of the data line interface. It is suggested that a data line test be replaced.
3. Voltage or current problems. Because some mobile phones are special and use different voltages, they can not be charged. The normal lithium battery is 3.7V voltage, like the Apple mobile phone, which uses 5V voltage. Without boosting, the general lithium battery can not charge the Apple mobile phone. Some devices have their own current input of 0.5A, and their batteries are protected by excessive current. They are charged by mobile power supply with output (> 1A), and the batteries automatically turn off the input, so they can not be adapted.


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