Why data lines can only be charged and cannot be transmitted

1. Because the line is too long, the requirement of data transmission is high.
2. If you can transmit it before, it means that there is a problem with the data line or the mobile port. If you can't transmit it all the time, it means that your mobile phone doesn't support USB. Buy a card reader (a few dollars) to download and upload things.
3. There are three reasons why data can't be transmitted: the USB controller on the motherboard is turned off artificially, and the solution is to boot into BIOS settings and turn on the USB controller. Each motherboard has different settings. Everything operates according to the instructions. The device manager in the system shields the USB controller. The solution is to change the disabling to enabling. The problem encountered by the front-end USB is the most. Because the signal lines of USB are 5v, D+, D-, GND, which are 5V positive, data + data - and negative grounding wires. If one of the D + D - wires is broken, the interface can only be charged, but can not transmit data. Please check whether the link line is broken. After repairing the wires, test again.
4. After exposing the iron head and the four thread heads, look at the two thread heads in the middle. Have they touched each other slightly? Separate and then connect to the device. If you can, the problem is here. Four wires and two wires are charged and two are data lines. So your mobile phone MP3, MP4 and camera can only charge, can't download and transmit data. The problem is found. Cut a piece of transparent tape and insert it between the two wires. It's better to insert tape on both sides, and insert the data line on the mobile phone. Why does the computer only show charging? When I plug in my ejector-free image head, the USB device connected to this computer is not working properly and Windows can't recognize it.
5. In such a case, the data line connecting the mobile phone and the computer can show that the mobile phone is charging, but there is no response after plugging in the computer. In this case, the data line may have been damaged. Because the USB cable has four wires, the USB connector has four wires: power supply +, D+, D-, power supply-. D + and D - are used for data transmission and are different from power lines. So there will be a situation where the mobile phone is charging but cannot transmit data.


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