How to solve the problem that the iPhone data line does not support this accessory

Reasons for "This cable or fittings are not certified and cannot work":
Reason 1: Data line interface IC does not work properly, data line damage, need to replace the data line.
Reason 2: The data line interface IC works normally, but a pair of codes between IC and mobile phone can not work properly. The golden finger of the interface may be used for a long time and has dirt. Clean it up and try again!
Reason 3: There is a problem of virtual welding between the golden finger of the data line interface and the circuit board. The data line is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Reasons for the "unsupported accessory" error prompt:
Reason 1: There are prompts just after accessing the data line. This kind of problem is generally bad contact. Solution: See if there is dirt in the golden finger of the data line, and then check whether there is dirt in the cell phone socket, and clean it with cotton swab alcohol. ______
Reason 2: If charging with a computer, this prompt appears when inserting the pre-USB interface, which is usually caused by insufficient power supply. Please plug it in the back of the chassis or change the charger to charge.


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