Charging Treasure Can't Turn on

If Charge Po can't start, the first thing to think about is that Charge Po's power is exhausted. Charge Po's internal power is no longer available to support start-up work. At this time, Charge Po should be charged for Charge Po first.
If the charging treasure is not broken, charging the charging treasure for about 10 minutes should be able to turn on.
But if you still can't turn it on, first check whether the method is correct. Many charging treasures can turn on by pressing the switch key. Some new charging treasures use the design of shake-and-shake detection. Let me remind you here that many charging treasures do not need to be turned on now. They can be charged automatically by plugging in the device. When they are full of electricity, they will turn off automatically. They do not need artificial switches. They are very intelligent.
If you still can't turn on, it may be that the connection contacts are not good enough to charge the charge, or there is a fault inside the charge, at this time, you should apply for after-sales service from the merchant, and don't open the check of the charge, it is very easy to cause the accident such as the spontaneous combustion of the charge.


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