Can't recharge power for Charging Treasure

1. Is there a problem in judging the charger? Maybe the output current is too small, or you can try using a larger current 2A charging head. Some charging heads will fail to charge after a long period of use. It is suggested to replace the charging head and keep charging for more than 6 hours. Charging with computer USB interface should not be possible, the output current is not enough!
2. Check whether the charging interface is plugged in and loose. In addition, you can replace the data line or other mobile phone to try again to see if it is normal, or you can recharge the mobile power for a few minutes and try again.
3. Consider whether there is a problem with the charging line, change it to a charging line. When we buy charging treasure, we will label a charging line. When we find that charging treasure does not charge, we should first check whether the charging line is broken. The simplest way is to compare the data lines of mobile phones. But this is rarely the case.
4. Is it not used for a long time and the power shortage is serious? It is suggested that we should fill it up for a while and see again. Generally, if the electricity is deficient, it will be activated for a while. If it still can't be activated, we can only think of other ways. Tip: For a long time without using mobile power supply, it is better to keep more than half of the electricity in storage. After two months or a period of time, it will be charged once, commonly known as "maintenance". In addition, it is suggested to charge the mobile power before using it for the first time. It is not necessary to charge the lithium battery to full power, let alone to exhaust the power consumption. It is better to store mobile power in a mild and dry place to ensure the safety of mobile power.


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