Mobile phone with shell, can it be charged?

Wireless charging, there are limits on charging distance. Many people wonder if they can charge a cell phone apart from its shell.
The short charging distance is a fatal injury of the early wireless charging technology. Even if Qi wireless charging standard stipulates that the effective distance is less than 10 mm, the real charging distance in earlier years is much lower than this. Remembering that when I used the Lumia 920 mobile phone, I couldn't charge it with the mobile phone shell. It is very inconvenient to dismantle the mobile phone case every time it is charged.
Nowadays, this defect has been improved to a certain extent through the joint efforts of wireless manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers. Like the odd wireless charge sensing distance up to 8 mm, we know that the general thickness of mobile phone shell is 2 to 4 mm. The test results show that the two-layer silica gel mobile phone shell with Apple iPhone X can still be charged normally. Nowadays, the mobile phone can also be charged with a case. It is so troublesome to unravel the case without every charge.


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