About Mobile Phone Charging Slow after Updating, Losing Fast Charging and Fast Charging Function

The reason for losing the fast charging function is that the AC power supply of the system is replaced by the USB charging mode when the wire brush is used. Because the charging resistance of the system charged by the USB mode is large and the transmission is slow, it will be reduced to the lowest 500. So there will be a loss of "flash charging" situation, replacement charger is not good, as long as the system to wake up "AC power charging" on OK...
Two solutions: 1. Use up the phone's electricity until it shuts down automatically, then plug in the original charger to charge it (don't turn on, keep it off) until the breathing light turns green (that is, turn on again when 100%). You're slowing down because your phone is charged in USB mode (maybe because you plugged in your computer). The above method can be switched to AC mode (i.e. fast charging when you start to buy back). If you want to see the charging mode, you can set ~about mobile phone ~status letter.
Information to battery status (don't forget to connect charger)
2. Enter settings ~about mobile phone ~MIUI version ~click more than 5 times in a row to turn on "Developer Options", ~turn off USB tuning ~revoke all USB debugging authorizations (revoke all USB access privileges on your computer before), and then go back to the status information in the settings to see if it is in AC power charging. If not, repeat the plug-in of the charger or the data line until the "charge through AC power supply" appears, and I am woken up after five plugs... If you can't, just go into recovery mode to clear the battery memory and reactivate it...


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