Charger does not charge

1. Check if the charging interface at the bottom of the mobile phone is in good contact with the data line. If the contact is not good, it will lead to no charging. Check if there is foreign matter blocking in the bottom interface of the mobile phone, which leads to bad contact with the data line. If the computer is charging the mobile phone at present, you can try changing a USB outlet. If it's not possible to change the socket, restart the computer or try another computer.
2. Replacing the power or data lines to try to replace the data lines or chargers may be the fault of the data lines or chargers. Replace them separately to identify what the problem is.
3. Turn off and turn on again. If all the above methods have been tried, they are still not feasible, it is suggested to try turning on the mobile phone again. Sometimes the mobile phone's own system is chaotic, and it may also lead to the failure of charging.
4. The reason of temperature is that the battery on the mobile phone is very sensitive to temperature. In some low temperature areas, such as how many degrees below zero, in this case, the battery may not be charged because of the low temperature. If the temperature is too low to charge, you can put the phone in a warm place and charge it when the temperature comes up.
5. If the above reasons are eliminated, it may be hardware problems. In case of hardware problems, it is suggested that the mobile phone be repaired at the local maintenance point and tested.


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