Earphone sound distortion

When listening to music with headphones, distortion of sound occurs from time to time. But some small partners say that listening to music with thousands of dollars of headphones will still lead to sound distortion. What's the matter? In fact, the distortion of headphones, whether tens of dollars, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, will occur.



The distortion of headphones may be caused by the problem of the music source, that is, the sampling rate of the sound source is not enough. Even if the earphone is expensive and the quality is excellent, the sound source is damaged, and there may still be distortion. Sampling rate is divided into sampling speed and quantization digit, the higher the two digits, the better, the music has a sense of hierarchy, and vice versa, there will be distortion. In addition, the environment is also very important in the recording process. If there is noise or equipment problems in the recording process, the recorded sound will naturally have problems.



Compression after recording music will inevitably lead to distortion in the process of compression. When we download music from APP, we usually have four choices: smooth, standard, high-quality and non-destructive. The difference of each kind of music quality is due to the different standards of music pressure loss. When the compression is too small, many details of music are filtered, so distortion will occur.
Insufficient front-end thrust is also an important cause of distortion of headphones. Listening to music with headphones, the front-end is also very important, each headphone will have impedance, sensitivity parameters, so each headphone on the front-end equipment requirements are relatively different. When a pair of headphones has low sensitivity and high impedance, and the front end is a small thrust device, there will inevitably be a lack of thrust caused by vibration of the diaphragm, voice momentum or distorted sound.
Another reason is poor contact between headphones and front-end sockets, which is a common problem. The meaning of plastic diaphragm of headphone plug is that each section of headphone plug controls a sound channel. When the plug is inserted more into the headphone hole of the front-end device, the parts inside will be loosened, and distortion will occur.
When listening to music with headphones, if there is a sound situation, on the one hand to check the situation of headphones. On the other hand, don't neglect other situations besides headphones.
1. Check the EQ regulation or other regulation of the front-end equipment. Please adjust the method correctly according to the requirements of the front-end equipment.
2. Check the source compression ratio and check the normal bit rate. Please change the track to retest or replace the high bit track to retest.
3. Check whether the headphones are in water. Please dry them with appropriate temperature and hot air and re-check them.


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