The headphones suddenly went silent.

Over the years I've been playing with headphones, I've encountered a lot of problems, ranging from sound sources to systems. But often a lot of small problems do affect ordinary consumers and entry-level users, such as "why not make headphones sound". It seems to be a very simple problem, but in fact it is often encountered by many users. To be honest, there are many reasons why headphones don't sound or murmur. Software and hardware problems may cause headphones to be silent. For headphones without sound, we should first check whether the headphones are plugged into the correct Jack and whether they are confused with the microphone jack. Headphones can be plugged into other computers to determine if they are available on other computers. If available, we mainly consider the problems of computer settings and drivers (not excluding the problem of headphone jack contact or headphone silence caused by computer components, but this situation is very rare and difficult to solve by oneself, so it is not discussed). To this end, we start from the user's point of view, to see where the problem is.



1. Is the headphone or headset jack plugged in incorrectly?
Faced with all kinds of jacks on the computer, when you find that the headphones or headphones are silent, you may wonder if the jacks are incorrectly inserted, because our common 3.5mm jacks include two modes: microphone and headphone. It is obviously working if the jacks are inserted into the microphone. The solution to this problem is also very simple. Usually, the color of the plug of the headset microphone is pink. When connecting, it can be matched one by one according to the color of the jack on the computer.
2. Headphones themselves have problems
In order to prove whether the headset itself has problems, we can find another headset in good condition for comparison, connect the sound source one after another, see if it works, compare the exclusion methods, and then find out which headset has problems. Generally speaking, wire damage is more likely, we should focus on the contact of wire itself.
3. The type of headset does not match
This problem is atypical and very common, but it is necessary to mention it here. PC has two jacks, a green one for audio and a pink one for microphone. Ordinary headphones can be used only by connecting. But, for example, a 13-inch MacBook laptop has only one jack, and ordinary second-level headphones can't be used at all, so there won't be any sound. When choosing a headset, pay attention to the number of plugs that can be plugged into the attributes of your computer, such as an apple notebook with only one plug, and a third-level headset like an iPhone earplug can be used normally.
4. Check whether the hole position of the front-end equipment is damaged. Please replace the front-end and try again.
5. Check whether the sound guide is blocked. Please clean the surface of the dustproof film with a soft brush.
6. Check whether there are other foreign bodies sticking on the surface of the plug part of the headphone, such as electrolytic separators. Please wipe the plug surface with an eraser.


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