The headphones are silent and the wires are in good condition.

Solution: Rise the film with a knife blade, then pick up the voice coil thread with a needle tip. Separate the two wires and pull them out in the opposite direction of the winding. You should be very careful in exerting your force and pay attention to the different directions of the two wires. If you can't pull, don't pull hard, but use a thin headphone cable to lengthen the voice coil. It is better to have a magnifying glass to assist in wiring, first tin plating on line, and then soldering on line with a pointed soldering iron. The wires were pasted onto the earphone membrane with 704 glue. Then stick on the earphone membrane and weld the two voice coil wires to the welding spot in the back. It's better to use a thermosol to protect the back of the bracket to prevent it from being rubbed off again. Generally, the success rate of repairing earphones with copper rings on the membrane is higher, and the effect on sound quality is smaller.


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