There are breaks, murmurs, bass missing

1. Membrane collapse: For the failure of membrane collapse, a small piece of double-sided glue can be clamped with tweezers, and the place where the membrane collapses can be gently adhered and lifted. Pay attention to the degree of control. Film can be restored and loaded back to the original.
2. Membrane cracking: There is little possibility of repair, even if the sound quality is repaired, it will be damaged. However, there are also successful treatment, the degree of sound damage is very light, can be ignored. That is, dip the needle in a little 704 rubber (also known as vulcanized silica gel) and apply it to the cracks. Be careful not to be too thick. Cover the cracks. Then pack the shell. Keep in mind that you should not listen to it immediately. You should try it again after two days. Because vulcanized silica gel dries slowly.
3. Membrane shedding: use 704 or fish ball gum to coat a little, can stick. Pay attention to the sticking and pressing. Just put it back for one day.
4. Iron powder: After dipping cotton swab in water, the iron powder will be dipped down, and then the film will collapse.


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