Alibaba Foreign Trade Business

Job requirements


1. Under 30 years old, good image and temperament. College degree or above in foreign language major.

College English CET-4 or above with good spoken English, international trade, etc.

Business English related majors.

2. Have more than one year export operation experience, have independently obtained orders, excellent graduates can also;

3. Familiar with foreign trade business processes and various links; Understanding matters needing attention in signing foreign trade contracts

Foreign trade risk prevention and control methods to ensure the safe and timely recovery of receivables;

4. Good communication, coordination and execution skills.

Work down-to-earth and earnest, quick and sensitive response, strong sense of responsibility.


Post treatment


1. Make use of the channels provided by the company (Alibaba, Made-in-China Networks, etc.) or the network platforms sought by the company itself for promotion.

Through B2B and other ways to find overseas customers to communicate and exchange, collate and reply to inquiries and do a good job of follow-up work;

2. Keep good communication with customers, maintain good old customer relationship, and develop new customers with the help of industry platform.

Responsible for the sale of products in foreign markets;

3. Be responsible for negotiation with customers and assist them to complete project payment.

4. Collect business information, keep abreast of market trends and report to the leaders in time.

5. Assist in after-sales service.


Corporate welfare


8-hour working system new office 4A-level office environment packages provide dormitories

Free participation in regular staff tours organized by the company

Major festivals plus occasional group dinners

Distribution of Festival Gifts Employees'Birthday Gifts



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