Appearance Structural Designer

Job requirements


1. Familiar with the appearance and structure design of electronic products, familiar with the structure design process;

2. Quick thinking and strong sense of innovation; have a certain understanding of materials, technology, appearance and structure.

3. Strong hand-drawing ability, creative ideas can sketch through rapid performance.

4. Skillful application of Photoshop, Coreldraw, two-dimensional mechanical drawing software Autocad,

Proficient in using three-dimensional modeling software PRO/E;

Over 5 or 2 years of work experience in design/product design of exterior structure, with knowledge of process;


Post treatment


1. Responsible for the design of product patterns, able to independently complete the design needs of various products;

2. Responsible for the design of electronic products, headphones, mobile power supply, speakers, etc.

3. Sample assembly, testing and trial production, follow-up of hand proofing.

Product structure BOM integration, die manufacturing, inspection of test samples;

(Note: Compensation is linked to competence, eager to be able to join)


Corporate welfare


8-hour working system new office 4A-level office environment packages provide dormitories

Free participation in regular staff tours organized by the company

Major festivals plus occasional group dinners

Distribution of Festival Gifts Employees'Birthday Gifts



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